Happy (Belated) Christmas

It started with a 4am wake-up call that, as 4am wake-up calls are wont to do, came far too early. Fortunately, as we had packed the night before, we were able to get up and out of the house with relative ease, meet our driver and head to the airport for our 7am flight to… Continue Reading →


I had planned on doing a short post on our visit to Bordeaux previously but then our daughter started walking around the same time and life got a lot more real: my blog posts fell to the wayside, my yoga mat grew dust, and my Italian lessons remained untouched…all while Frankie walked, and walked, and… Continue Reading →

Family Time

The last couple of months have been a bit of a whirlwind: from a trip to Bordeaux to visit my parents, to a visit from my brother and his family, to (another) visit from my parents, this time in Rome. It has been special getting all this family time and it is certainly filling the… Continue Reading →

A Very Special Birthday

I have a one-year old! It feels hard to believe, although the proof is currently staring me in the face, and it brings up mixed emotions. I know life moves fast and one day I’m going to blink too long and open my eyes to a 20-year-old and I’m going to wonder where the time… Continue Reading →

Abruzzo Part Two: Dinner

A few weeks ago, when I posted about our hiking trip in Abruzzo, I promised a post about our dinner in Intermesoli so, as the experience begins to fade from our minds, here is the story. When we were initially planning our trip, Jesse sent me a few links to restaurants that were in the… Continue Reading →


Growing up, my family often went hiking on the weekends. My dad was an avid outdoor enthusiast and wanted to impart that love onto his children. Having canoed across Canada when he was young, he was a serious outdoorsman so I’m not talking about car camping on the weekend and a leisurely stroll through the… Continue Reading →

Isola di Ponza

Despite the makeup-melting, soul-sucking, humour-robbing heat, we have remained fairly committed to taking advantage of living in central Italy and planning some sort of adventure as often as we can. Having decided when we first arrived that we would do all of our major Roman sightseeing in late fall when the temps are comfortable and… Continue Reading →


Piano. Piano. Translation in English, slowly. Slowly. Slowly. We hear this word almost daily in Rome – from our patient (oh so patient) Italian teacher who senses our mounting frustration, from the vendors at the market who spot people (um, Jesse!) grabbing fruit too quickly and upsetting the towers of apples and plums, from the… Continue Reading →

Running in Rome

With the current temps in Rome stubbornly sitting in the mid-30s, I am definitely not getting in a lot of runs of late; in all honesty, I wasn’t getting in a lot of runs previously but now I get to blame it on something that seems pretty valid. Anyway, the other night (well, actually, a… Continue Reading →

Day Trip

I am not a morning person. Although I’m way more reasonable to Jesse than I was with my mom growing up, I don’t jump out of bed singing and I never will. Despite that, however, I advised Jesse that we should get an early start to our day trip last Saturday because I didn’t want… Continue Reading →