Leopard Loving

Well, hello!  Yes, I know, apparently, and unfortunately for me, if you want to be a “blogger,” you actually have to produce blog posts.  Luckily, in this instance, my lack of posts is actually in my favour because it means I have new material.  In this case, literal (tangible) material, clothing material, leopard-print clothing material.  Yes, that’s right.  This is another post extolling the virtues of the five things I am currently rocking in the leopard-print persuasion.  I should probably be restricted at this point because my closet is starting to look a little wild (jokes are on fire today) but I just cannot help myself.   #givemealltheleopard

Aside from producing bad puns, this post also enables me to do the following:  share my fantastic acquisitions with ALL of my 5 followers as well as rationalize my over-abundance of items as merely good fodder for blog posts.  So, read on to discover my current Five Favourite Things Leopard.

  1. Backpack – I picked up this beauty from the Gap several months ago and I think it kind of speaks for itself.  For some reason, I really waffled on it (do I really NEED a leopard print backpack? Does anyone?) but I ended up splurging and I’m happy I did – perfect size to replace my current tote and, let’s be real, it’s really just the cutest.  
  2. Slides — These slides, courtesy of Steve Madden, were purchased while I was in Vancouver in April of last year.  They’re basically a pool slide but I like to slip them on when I need to run out to the market and am too lazy to put on shoes…which is often. 
  3. Watch — I signed up to be a stylist with Stella & Dot at the beginning of the year (unfortunately, it didn’t really go too far beyond me signing up because, while I like buying jewelry, it turns out I don’t actually like selling it) and I picked up this little time-teller with my stylist discount.  I am still enamoured with it: small enough to stack up with other bracelets and just provide a pop of print to spice up any outfit.
  4. Jacket —  Much like the backpack, I had my eye on this bad boy for quite awhile before I finally purchased (and I was rewarded kindly because by the time I finally decided to purchase, the jacket was 50% off AND they still carried my size).  I’m all about the oversize these days so I love the look of this one: oversize, motorcycle, and leopard-print which is pretty much a win, win, win.
  5. Booties — Ok, so these were a straight impulse purchase.  I ordered these babies from ASOS and immediately felt worried because my feet can range anywhere from a 37 – 39, depending on the brand, and I never seem to get the sizing right when I order online.  But, the worry was for naught because they’re perfect!  Cute, comfortable, and a great deal.  I have zero regrets and wear them often when I want to jazz up my outfit but am too lazy to work hard at doing that.



6 Responses to “Leopard Loving”

  1. Zach says:

    Those slides are rad!

    Taking the term “cat lady” to all new heights hey.

  2. Missy says:

    Yayyy! A new post! Missed hearing about you and yours. I also missed your last post?! I changed emails, still check hotmail but rarely so I missed the notification. ANYWAYS enough about me 😉 Fab clothes as usual 😍 When are you going home next? Keep me posted, maybe we can coordinate and I could fly back at the same time. 😙😙😙

    • Rhiannon Sprout says:

      Miss! I totally missed your comment before, it was buried under all my spam! Thanks for reading yo!
      So i don’t know our plans yet for this year – we aren’t heading home in the spring but may come home in the summer (when it’s hot AF here). What are your plans?

  3. Your Mom ;-) says:

    Hey! This is fun, especially since I’ve got a little leopard thing going on myself — Just can’t understand how I missed this post, though. Will have to check my subscription.

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