5 Things Leopard: My Picks of the Week

1. Leopard Belt  — I picked up this little number from Pull&Bear a few weeks ago and I’ve already worn it a few times and love it. Full disclosure: I don’t actually have any jeans loose enough to require a belt (best way to tell when you’ve gained a few pounds is to keep your pants tight) but this one is perfect for when I want to add a pop of colour to a monochromatic outfit or live it up a little by mixing prints.

2. Leopard(ish) Scarf — This animal-print scarf arrived in the mail from H&M mid-January.  I had my eye on it for awhile and ended up scoring it for less than €6 during their semi-annual sale.  It’s basically a long rectangle with angled ends so it can be worn in a few different styles and is not at all cumbersome.  The weather in Rome is getting warmer by the day (yay!) so I know I’ll likely only get a few more weeks out of it but since it cost less than the price of a pizza, I decided it was well worth the purchase.

3. Leopard Toque — I saw this toque last winter on a fashion blog but could not locate it in store and subsequently forgot about it.  This winter, however, I once again saw a blogger modelling it and I vowed not to concede defeat so easily this season; not only did I look for it at H&M in Rome but I carried on my search in several of the stores in Berlin (what a jet-setter, right?) before finally deciding to order it online.  And I”m happy I did: it’s really cute and is the perfect hat to throw on in the morning when I take my daughter to daycare and haven’t had time to do my hair (which, let’s be honest, is every morning).

4. Leopard Jacket — I mean, do I even need to explain this one or does the picture speak for itself?  How amazing is this faux fur leopard-print coat? I actually picked up this bad boy at Zara in Gran Canaria (jet-setter, guys, jet-setter) where they have a much wider (and less expensive) selection of clothing so my impulse skills were seriously tested — I managed to restrain myself, however, and left only with this beauty.

5. Leopard Ballet Flats  — Again, Zara (yes, I have a bit of an obsession).  You may have seen this leather pair for sale at Zara over the past few weeks.  I got them before Christmas but the store must have ordered too much stock because I keep seeing them for sale at seriously discounted prices in store.  But, it’s ok, I still love them: they’re surprisingly comfortable and the black ballet-style laces can be worn a variety of ways and look equally great with jeans or a mid-length skirt.   

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  1. Hey! You’re picking up the pace on your Fashion/Style posts, and it’s Leopard that’s brought you back (you posted on your leopard high-tops last March). These are a Fun Five, and I’m looking forward to seeing what more Fashion Fun shows up here soon. And glad to see you found the toque online — I remember your fruitless search in Berlin. . ..

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