Snack Attack

So, I get that cuisine in Italy is kind of a big deal and that Rome is a food mecca.  Food plays a significant role here and is an integral part of Italian culture.  I understand.  And it’s true: in general, the food is amazing in Rome.  If you can commit to doing a little research beforehand, you are guaranteed to eat at unrivalled pizza and pasta restaurants.  Italians have been making these dishes for almost 1000 years and they have certainly honed their craft;  they use fresh, seasonal ingredients and they know what to do with them.  But, sometimes a person just wants to get down and dirty in the snack department and, unfortunately, Rome doesn’t really have much of that going on (at least, not in the way I’m used to, with options aplenty).  Yes, I recognize that we have a lot of garbage food in North America but I love it all: aisles full of different flavours, textures and sizes of chips as far as your (happy) tear-filled eyes can see, candy in all the colours of the rainbow (and, no, I don’t think about the ground-up bugs colouring my treats), sugary cereals that could be eaten for dessert, and cookies, chocolates, and granola bars oh my!

I miss it all, man do I miss it all. Luckily, Jesse has a commissary at his work and he traverses the aisles often, scouring for different treats he can bring home that we cannot source here – often, I get Doritos or Cheetos Puffs and, once, he found a bag of sour Skittles.  They were amazing and I savoured them slowly, sour-one by sour-one. 

I’m unsure how/why my fascination (ahem, obsession) with junk food developed but I do remember lying in the upper bunk of the bed I shared with my sister as a kid and waiting for her to fall asleep so I could pull out my big jar of mixed candy which was packed with all the items I had been hoarding (gross, in retrospect) and I would savour them, caress them, love them, eat them….

I’ll be back in Vancouver in a couple of months and I’ve already begun mentally compiling a list of food items that I will need to re-familiarize myself with when I touch down.  However, thanks to my amazing soon-to-be MIL, not included on that list will be Cheezies.  Why, you ask?  Why, when Cheezies, in all their aged-cheese glory, are so delicious?  Well, readers, a few weeks ago, a big box arrived in the mail.  And, in the box: Cheezies.  Lots and lots of them, in perfect snack-sized portions.  I’ve squirrelled them away and I’ve been slowly munching them during periods of alone-time (yes, I’ve shared some of them but I’m not sharing the entire box because I don’t think my family appreciates them enough — I mean, I’m the only one devoting a blog post on this important topic, right?).  Anyway, the snack-sized portions of magical goodness are currently pushing me to go on, go on for a few more months until I arrive in Vancouver and am welcomed back to snack land. 

See you soon!

4 Responses to “Snack Attack”

  1. Ha! Bold post, declaring your love for Cheezies so publicly in the land of Parmigiano Reggiano, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella di Bufala, etc. And I love the photo — could be your new profile pic everywhere 😉
    Well done, Marcelle — that’s how to be a MIL. Now she really knows she’s marrying into the right family.

    • Rhiannon Sprout says:

      I love Cheezies and I don’t care who knows it!!! They are pure salted deliciousness! By the way, we ordered you guys some onion jam from Pulicaro today.

  2. Zach says:

    Bummer not having all the aisles of amazing snacks over on that side of the pond but how rad is it when you get a parcel like that?!

    • Rhiannon Sprout says:

      There is a tiny store in Rome (called American Mini Market) that sells some items you can find in North America but it’s crazy expensive. And, yeah, it was rad to get a big ol’ box in the mail.

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