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Well, hello! It appears I decided to take a break from blogging about life in Italy (and, well, life in general) for the past several months. I didn’t intend to stop for such an extended period but life got busy and it was too easy to just put down the pen (computer, whatever). When I last posted, my little family was staying in Vancouver for a month during Jesse’s break in service. It was much-needed and provided the recharge we required but, as good things do, it came to an end pretty quickly.

Following our return to Rome, we committed to find a new place to live as we weren’t prepared to withstand another hot, sticky summer in our apartment in the centre; aside from the heat, the apartment was quickly becoming too small for the three of us and, living in the heart of Rome, in the middle of scores of tourists, needed to come to an end stat. We looked and looked, and then looked some more, and eventually found a place just outside of Rome that suited our needs — as we were so motivated to get out of our place and because it’s so difficult to find a place here, not to mention expensive (it’s standard to provide 2 months’ deposit, along with the first month’s rent, as well as an additional month’s rent for the agency fee, if you use an agent). So, we were thrilled to find a townhouse located only a block from the beach that was privately advertised at Jesse’s work.

Watching the sun go down at the beach near our house

It was another adjustment moving from central Rome to our new town and Jesse had a few work trips scheduled so, initially, it was often just Frankie and myself chilling at the beach and awaiting Jesse’s return; as we moved mid-June, we were too late to start part-time daycare (all daycares in Rome close for the month of August and it didn’t make sense to register for such a short time when annual memberships begin September) so it was a looong summer and I’m sure Frankie was just as thrilled as we were when September rolled around. With daycare, however, came yet another adjustment but one which recently completed its process, allowing me a few solo hours each day before I have to collect Frankie. Committed to using the hours wisely, I’ve allocated time to allow for a daily yoga practice, as well as regular blog entries. So, yeah, you’re welcome….


While I haven’t been blogging, I have still been keeping in contact with friends and family. We only recently returned from a 5-day trip to Berlin where we enjoyed spending time with my parents who travelled from France to meet us. It was great to see our 2-year-old (yup, TWO-YEAR-old!!) interact with her grandparents for a long weekend. While there are advantages to living in Italy, it can be difficult being far away from family and it’s a treat to see familiar faces as often as possible. We have been really lucky with visitors over the past 5 months: we spent a few days with my aunt and uncle, including a lovely day-trip to Santa Marinella beach; we went away for a weekend with my older sister who was able to make a detour to Rome between work conferences in Dublin and Paris; we enjoyed a couple of relaxing weeks with Jesse’s mom, who came to celebrate Francesca’s 2nd birthday; we then had our Berlin getaway with my parents which was immediately followed by a visit from another aunt and uncle who stopped by (twice!) on their way to and from southern Italy. And, as I write this post, I am chatting with my parents, who arrived on Sunday and will be staying with us for a week. So, combined with FaceTime and Skype sessions, we are not feeling overly homesick this year.


I would imagine the lack of homesickness is also indicative of how we are settling in here because it is finally starting to feel like home. Our Italian vocabulary is expanding (albeit far far slower than we wish), our daughter is attending an Italian daycare/preschool and going to swimming lessons with an Italian instructor, we are living amongst Italian-speaking people (no longer hearing English as we buy our groceries and order our bread). And, it’s all starting to feel rather normal.


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  1. So glad to have your voice online here again (although it’s been even better hearing it up close and personal this week!) . Here’s hoping your new schedule keeps working well enough to give us a post every week or so (I know, but hey, I can hope!)

  2. Zach says:

    Thank you for returning 🙂

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