A Tale of Two Homes

Hello from Vancouver!  I cannot believe almost a year has passed and we are now back in this beautiful city, visiting with friends and family as we wait for our Visas to be renewed.  We are here for a month following a harrowing plane ride during which I flew solo with Frankie; she was a real trooper and did fantastically well until the last leg of the journey to Vancouver when she proceeded to throw up, in true kid-style, all over both of us. imageWhen we finally landed, made it through customs and gathered my bag, 17 hours after we departed Rome, I let out a few exhausted tears while wiping pieces of chicken korma vomit from the seat of my pants as I spotted my parents waiting in arrivals.

But that was over two weeks ago and the memory has since faded, having been usurped by better memories of our trip: amazing meals, walks/runs on the seawall, play datimagees with cousins, Easter egg hunts with family, special weekend trip to Protection Island, and even a hike or two! As we begin to countdown the days to our return to Italy, and the current 31 degree highs of Rome, we feel pleased (and perhaps slightly smug) that not only was this trip a success, but that we are actually looking forward to returning to our home in Italy.  What we aren’t looking forward to, however, is the commute to get there but that’s a story for another vomit-filled post….


4 Responses to “A Tale of Two Homes”

  1. It’s been such a great visit, and as sad as we will be to hug good-bye, I’m really happy for you, knowing that you are feeling ready to go “back home.” I know you’ll always have the West Coast as home for part of your heart, but if you’re going to be living Away (from me, the momma!!), I’m so pleased your heart can be happily nested there. . .

    • Rhiannon Sprout says:

      I’m excited to go back but sad to be leaving at the same time. Cannot wait to find a home that you can come visit though!

  2. Zach says:

    We’re gonna miss you guys! Let’s all hope for a less pukey return trip home.

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