Love at First Sight

As you’ve likely noted, the name of my blog is “A Leopard Love Affair” and, to date, I have written nothing of “said” affair. When I started this blog, I envisioned a fashion angle, however quickly found myself steering towards more of an online diary.  And I like that that’s where I took it because I feel it helps keep my family updated and connected with my life in Rome, as well as provides something for my daughter to read one day about what her life was like as a baby/toddler growing up in Italy. But, that said, I still loooooove everything fashion-inspired so decided to devote a post today to my first love: leopard.

I cannot remember when my obsession with the print began but I believe I fell succumb to the charm of the leopard at a young age and it was just a continual evolution over the years. There were definitely a few years there in the early 2000’s (late ’90’s) where I took my love to a level no one should be permitted (am I right, Meg?) but I feel I have it nicely under control now and am able to work it into my outfits, one considered piece at a time. Plus, apparently, leopard is the new neutral so you really cannot go wrong….

Where you can go wrong, however, is by not snapping up amazing leopard pieces when you ‘spot’ them (yeah, it happened, I said it) which is what brings me to my current story. I blogged several months ago about our trip to Bordeaux but I failed to describe, in any depth, the solo shopping trip I went on with my mom. I actually wanted to publish this post when my mom was visiting because she’s the main reason behind it, but I couldn’t get organized in time to complete it while she was here (it’s not that I don’t enjoy blogging, it’s just that I enjoy doing other things more, like sleeping and drinking wine, when I get precious time to myself).  Anyway, such is the story of my life: the story of me claiming I’m going to do certain tasks and, subsequently, not getting around to them for months….

Procrastination aside, when we visited my parents in Bordeaux, my mom and I got away for a few hours while my dad, Jesse, and Frankie went for coffee and a walk. My mom and I (immediately) decided to spend our free time shopping and found ourselves on Rue Sainte-Catherine sussing out the scene, eventually ending up in a little store the size of a walk-in closet. As much as I like the items that are often found browsing in one-off boutiques, I often steer to high street because it seems so much easier and more anonymous. In boutiques, I usually feel too conspicuous (like I’m forced to smile and provide an insincere greeting and make weird small talk) and I often feel guilty when I don’t buy anything; overall, real or imagined, I just feel pressured and there’s zero pressure at Zara (because the people working there do not give a shit whether you buy those jeans or not and, more often than not, don’t even greet you). But, this particular boutique had some really cute items in the window so we decided to stroll in and take a quick browse. Right away, I spotted the coolest pair of high top leopard print sneakers. They had them in my size (my mom did all the talking, en francais) and it appeared as if it was meant to be. I pranced around in them while I tried on a few shirts and other items and my mom and I agreed that I had to have them.

As is often the case in boutiques, yet another reason why they’re not my jam, is that there was no price tag to be found; we were forced to inquire as to how much they cost (we had to ask a few times, actually, which should have indicated in which direction the price was headed) and the owner finally advised us that the shoes could be mine for a mere € 300! I nodded knowingly, pretending the price was totally cool, and then I turned around and gawked at my mom as my jaw hit the ground. What!?!! For sneakers?? I could understand that price point for a great pair of boots but for sneakers, it just seemed ridiculous. I felt disappointed as I kicked them off my feet and back into the box but it wasn’t even a consideration as to whether I would purchase them.

While there was no wavering on my part, I still pretended like I was pondering buying them so I didn’t appear poor to the sales associates.  But, it turns out I didn’t have to pretend to keep up appearances because (and here comes the part in the story that I believe my sisters will especially love) my mom proceeded to tell me that because I’m her favourite child, she would buy them for me for an early Christmas/even earlier birthday present. Ok, maybe not the former but she definitely said that she would buy them for me as a gift. I waffled for some time because, even for a doubled-up present, it still seemed extravagant but let’s be honest here: eventually I caved. And am now the owner of a rad pair of Golden Goose high top leopard sneakers that I rarely wear because I’m too scared they’ll get ruined. But, I dusted them off when my mom was here and she snapped a few pictures. Hope you think the shoes are as great as I do!


12 Responses to “Love at First Sight”

  1. Oh, I love you sweetheart, you and your cheeky and lovable ways and your discerning eye and realistic budget. And the way you weren’t going to let me buy those for you but finally let me gift them to you against future deserving occasions. And the way you then promised to write a post about our shopping trip but then couldn’t find any minutes for the blogging standards you’ve set yourself (nothing slapdash about this post–I know the work that’s gone into it!). And then the way you must have pushed yourself to get this done before your flight tomorrow, even as I know you’re fretting about travelling for 15+ hours on your own with Frankie. It’s a great post, and I can’t wait to tell you so in person. In about 30 hours!!!

  2. Zach says:

    Stylin’ n Profilin’
    – favourite son

  3. Annie Gg says:

    That is what mothers do: tell each child they are the favourite. I am doing it myself at the moment just for laughs…re the leopard, I had a similar phase some years ago for black and white, sort of zebra, sort of ponyskin prints. I had a handbag and some great shoes. I dumped the handbag not that long ago (wise) but also the shoes (stupid). Less is more works, matchy-matchy, never. Enjoy the walking and admiring.

    • Rhiannon Sprout says:

      Oooh, that’s the worst! I have often given items of clothing away only to realize 6 months later that it was a big mistake! And, also,agreed: one animal print at a time – it never works to wear more than that.

  4. dottoressa says:

    Cheers for all wonderful mothers as yours (. mine,too and let’s hope for me! 🙂 )
    You look gorgeous (as well as Frankie in your flats-it runs in family like blog-writing gift!)
    And I love leopard print so much!

    • Rhiannon Sprout says:

      I actually have about 4 pairs of leopard print shoes (all different so all required for different outfits of course!). Although none of them look quite as good on me as those flats did on Frankie!

  5. Doug says:

    That is Classic! Would of loved to hear what Jesse had to say about it 🙂

    • Rhiannon Sprout says:

      Hahaha Jess was shocked, pretty sure his response involved some choice language that I proceeded to ignore (per usual)

  6. Meg says:

    Ha! I love those shoes. There are such great high-tops in Europe. There were a few that I wanted to bring home with me but I thought at 140 E was a lot of dough!

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