Living, Learning, and Language

While it may change in the (not too distant future), we are still living in Italy.  It has its challenges, but we have acclimated and are enjoying our life in Rome.  Aside from the 2 or 3 months in the summer of unrelenting, stifling heat, the climate here is one of the aspects we enjoy… Continue Reading →

Leopard Loving

Well, hello!  Yes, I know, apparently, and unfortunately for me, if you want to be a “blogger,” you actually have to produce blog posts.  Luckily, in this instance, my lack of posts is actually in my favour because it means I have new material.  In this case, literal (tangible) material, clothing material, leopard-print clothing material. … Continue Reading →

Smashing Comfort Zones

Well, it happened: we finally attended another birthday party in Italy.  Following our initial attempt here, it probably doesn’t come as a shock that it took us close to 2 years to muster up the courage to try again but better late than never, I suppose.  Since she began daycare last fall, Frankie has actually… Continue Reading →

5 Things Leopard: My Picks of the Week

1. Leopard Belt  — I picked up this little number from Pull&Bear a few weeks ago and I’ve already worn it a few times and love it. Full disclosure: I don’t actually have any jeans loose enough to require a belt (best way to tell when you’ve gained a few pounds is to keep your… Continue Reading →

Snack Attack

So, I get that cuisine in Italy is kind of a big deal and that Rome is a food mecca.  Food plays a significant role here and is an integral part of Italian culture.  I understand.  And it’s true: in general, the food is amazing in Rome.  If you can commit to doing a little… Continue Reading →

Agriturismo Pulicaro: Weekend at the Farm

Recently, one of our friends in Rome organized a weekend trip to an agriturismo in Torre Alfina, Acquapendente.  She extended the invitation to several families who expressed interest but, due to previous commitments and illness, were not all able to make the trip.  Instead, a whittled-down group of 6 people and 3 littles resulted in… Continue Reading →

Back to Blogging

Well, hello! It appears I decided to take a break from blogging about life in Italy (and, well, life in general) for the past several months. I didn’t intend to stop for such an extended period but life got busy and it was too easy to just put down the pen (computer, whatever). When I… Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Homes

Hello from Vancouver!  I cannot believe almost a year has passed and we are now back in this beautiful city, visiting with friends and family as we wait for our Visas to be renewed.  We are here for a month following a harrowing plane ride during which I flew solo with Frankie; she was a… Continue Reading →

Love at First Sight

As you’ve likely noted, the name of my blog is “A Leopard Love Affair” and, to date, I have written nothing of “said” affair. When I started this blog, I envisioned a fashion angle, however quickly found myself steering towards more of an online diary.  And I like that that’s where I took it because… Continue Reading →

Happy (Belated) Christmas, continued : Krampus Parade

Ok, to continue from where I recently (hahaha)  left off in my previous post on our trip to Austria, we jumped in our rental car and raced out of the parking lot to arrive in time for the parade. We made it to the town centre and, in true Italian style although we were not in… Continue Reading →